Joey Malvagita

godless. caffeinated. zombie

Denver, CO

Sitting at a cafe and the mechanic across the way is blaring Dead Kennedys in the garage.

#punksnotdead it’s having a sandwich.

My boss passed me in the hall and said, “have a great day”.

To which I replied, “bitch, I might be”.


On the train, there’s a big hairy biker guy with a wolf howlin at the moon tattoo and a horseshoe mustache.

His ringtone is Wrecking Ball.

I still smoked cigarettes the last time I wore this jacket.

Found loose tobacco and cellophane in the pockets. Gross.

at Lakeside Amusement Park

at Lakeside Amusement Park

Bojack Horsedude is fucking boring.

Unfortunately, I’m not gay.

But if I were… Shemar Moore.

I wish I had like 3 things I could cling to super hard and wrap my entire identity around.