Joey Malvagita

godless. caffeinated. zombie

Denver, CO

Listening to a pizza delivery guy talk about how “bad ass” his stock ford focus is. #SeppukuNow?

Just watched an old dude slap his old wife’s ass.

She did that awkward little skip, turned and blushed at him.

Old people are gross.

An oil tycoon just said the words “ringy dingy” at me. #tuesday

I don’t usually get “the Mondays”,because fuck that shit, but today is starting really rough.

Gonna do everything I can to make it better.

No surprise that the smell of axe body spray and cheap hair gel belongs to the bro in a popped collar polo and neon wayfarers. #saturday

Last night, I had one of those dreams where I wake up in the back seat of a moving car that no one is driving.

I just said, “this is a jacket off kinda day” with a straight face.

This men’s bathroom wreaks of cantaloupe rinds and broken dreams.

Found this sweet little guy by the bed… #goodnight #sleeptight

Crocs make people walk like they’ve completely given up on life.