Joey Malvagita

godless. caffeinated. zombie

Denver, CO

this fuckin’ guy right here

Just watched a phone with actual buttons being used.


32oz bucket of coffee.

Apparently I respond to stress by making an adult lunchable, drinking a bucket of ice coffee, and watching Rocky IV.

New Balance are the shoes of choice for people who have given up.

I watched the news for 5min.

I now know everything about Ebola.

This is it. This is how the zombie apocalahhhggrrghhf

I want to rant about how ridiculous Adele lyrics are… but I’m all alone at the Whole Foods deli surrounded by yoga pants an uggs.

I love insulting tiny men,

because really,

what the fuck are they gonna do about it?

still dark
cornershop coffee
half empty train

I’m singing Morriissey songs in the Rammstein voice.